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  • Setup File aborts

    I have created a setup file for use to install a palm project. The file checks to see if Palm Desktop is installed (and is supposed to send a message box if it isn't installed). The file searched for the files, and then aborts setup. No files are actually installed.

    This is occuring on a winxp system. There is no indication of error or anything wrong, just the setup program stops running. No message box, nothing!!

    Removing the action causes the setup to run normally.

    I need to check that there is a palm desktop software. For some reason, instead of checking and reporting with a message box, the setup program just quits. No good. Any suggestions.

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    Re: Setup File aborts

    I can take a look at what you have if you email me at [email protected]. I believe it may be easier than trying to determine it over the forum.
    Please include:
    1) your project file(.sf6)
    2)An installation log file generated from a run on the target machine.
    3)Your full build number found under HELP->ABOUT SETUP FACTORY.

    and any other information that will assist me.