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    I have in my setup two files. Depending on values stored in the registry I want to copy one of the files to the install folder. For example if the registry = "a" I want to copy file 1, if the registry = "b" I want to copy file 2. Can this be done and how do you do it?

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    Re: select a file

    Assuming you are using Setup Factory 6.0, you could use the following procedure:

    Locate one of the files you wish to create an install condition. Then right click and select "File Properties" to display it's file properties dialog.
    Next click the "Conditions" tab.
    In the "Runtime Install Condition" field you want to create your condition such as %RegVar% = "a".

    This will result in that file only being installed if the variable %RegVar% equals "a".

    You would create a similar condition for your other file.

    You can find further information on install conditions in the following Knowledge Base article: