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Trial Version / Auto Expiration Setup Creation

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  • Trial Version / Auto Expiration Setup Creation

    How do I setup a 30 day expiration for my Setup Program (just like the one the trial version of Install Factory comes with)? I would like to know if this feature is available, and if not when would it be released?

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    Re: Trial Version / Auto Expiration Setup Creation

    I'm assuming you want the SETUP to expire, not the program contained therein. The program itself would have to have it's own method/registry entry to check the date.

    How I accomplish this is to do a calculation based on the julian formatted BUILD date and compare it with the RUNTIME julian date...

    For example, the following action:

    Assign Value(%DemoDaysLeft% = (%JulianDate% - (#JULIANDATE# + 30) ) )

    will calculate the "days left in the demo" based on the BUILD TIME Julian date plus the time limit, in this case 30 days.

    If you want the INSTALLATION itself to expire, you have to store the install date in a Registry/INI/Config-file entry and then read it using your program and compare that with the current date. Using a Julian date for the storage will help hide the info from registry snoopers, especially if you use something obscure for the key name that has nothing to do with a "date".

    If you need help converting the current date to "Julian" programmatically, there are a number of simple arithmetic formulas that will calculate it for you (including leap-year adjustments). I can supply the specific formula that I use if you need it.

    Hope that helps,


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      Re: Trial Version / Auto Expiration Setup Creation

      Thank you.. I think that answers my question!