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  • Detect and install

    My first action before the exe runs is to check for a registry entry. If no entry are there then my first screen runs a create directory and then installs one file from the exe and tries to launch it. It's not working for me. I just want to have the exe install 1 file (rather than the whole application) and then launch it and close the screen. Then the user can go back and re-run the application.

    Create Directory %APPDIR%\test
    Install file %APPDIR%\test\first.exe
    Execute %APPDIR%\test\first.exe
    Close Program Installer Setup

    The error occurs at Install File. Am I using the wrong command to instruct the installer to install that file ?


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    Re: Detect and install

    The syntax for Install file command should be:

    Install file (source dir > destination dir) , whereas you are missing the destination. I did notice that there is a bug in Setup Factory that if you type a blank space in the destination field, it accepts the value, but leaving the field null is not acceptable..

    Hope this helps.


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      Re: Detect and install

      That isn't a bug; it's that way by design. You need to specify a destination for the file; in fact, the whole point of installing the file is getting it to that destination.

      The reason it accepts a space is because technically you could install a file into a folder named " ".

      If you wanted to provide an empty string, you could use a variable in the field, and assign an empty string ("") to that variable prior to the install file action...however, I doubt the action would even work with an empty string as the destination (how would it know where to install the file?).
      --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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        Re: Detect and install

        Hi Lorne:

        I agree that the destination field should not be blank, otherwise setup would not know where to install the file to.. Thats why the Setup Factory checks to see if the field is null or not. But I think you should do a trim() on the value of that field because a " " is just as good as null, since in Windows 98/2000/XP, the system does not allow you to create folders named " ".. Just a thought..