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  • Can Setup Factory do what I need

    Hi everyone,

    I'm currently reviewing installation packagers because my company need to buy one :

    Here are my need :

    -need something who can generate setup fast (maybe with template since all your installation will use the same images, and stuff like that)

    -we need the smallest file (good compression needed)

    And also if we could have only 1 small setup that the user could download and then this setup would download only the files needed for the setup (to use the less bandwith possible) and that could be used to upgrade the product too.

    So ideally we would have to release only 1 setup and then just modify the files on the server without having to publish a new setup.

    Guys, can your product do that ? and if yes could you give me a sample example of it ? or just how I could do one myself to test it out

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    Re: Can Setup Factory do what I need


    I'd recommend that you download the trial version of Setup Factory 6.0 and try it out. It can definitely do everything you are asking and a whole lot more.

    To touch on your points,
    1) Setup Factory 6.0 is extremely easy to work with. Your first installer shouldn't take more than an afternoon to produce. Once you've gotten the hang of things, future installers will only take a few minutes to produce.

    2) Setup Factory 6.0 features an excellent compression ratio, but even more importantly, is that it has blazingly fast decompression - compare it to anything else out there. The compress/decompression algorithms are 100% assembly language code and optimized for speed. While other installers have to do things like extracting the "self-installing .exe" to a temp folder first, Setup Factory 6.0 actually extracts directly from the "setup.exe". There's no comparison.

    3) Setup Factory 6.0 features a web download action that can be used to download files from a web server and install them.

    4) Setup Factory 6.0 also integrates perfectly with TrueUpdate and Visual Patch to handle your automated internet "Live Update" type feature and "full-history" installation patching.

    5) Full documentation is available, either as a PDF file or as professionally printed "User's Guides". There is tons of information there to get you going, as well as tutorials and walk-throughs. Of course, there is also context-sensitive HTML Help available from withing each product.

    6) The Setup Factory 6.0 Insight Training CD's are an excellent resource for getting up to speed quickly and learning everything you could possibly want ot know about the product in an interactive multimedia environment. Highly recommended.

    Let us know how it goes!