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Run setup again, but select additional package(s)

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  • Run setup again, but select additional package(s)

    My Installer gives the user the option of installing several different packages, I'm using AutoPlay4 for the menu, The first time the CD is installed the user gets the option to install, after installed, the next time the CD is inserted the install option disappears from the menu and is replaced with a launch application option. (Works well)... But I now need to have another option to revise the installed packages.. i.e. the user now wants to install package number 6.
    The problem is if I allow the user to run setup, option 6 can be installed to a different location (via select install location screen)... I need to set the %AppDir% from a registry entry that was written when first installed, and stop SUF from displaying the: select install folder, select shortcut folder screens, and I also don't want it to write the reg entries (they would have been already done first time around, and I don't want graphics settings overwritten) which are currently after install actions.

    If I can't acheive the above, the only way I can figure of getting round this is to have setup2.exe, which doesn't alter reg entries, but it must be able to get the %AppDir% from the reg entry anyway so it automatically knows where to install it.

    Can anyone help with this ?

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    Re: Run setup again, but select additional package(s)

    Easy. Check the registry entries in the "Startup" actions tab, set a flag variable and then check for that variable in the runtime conditions for the screens where you need to and use IF/END IF conditions around other needed actions.

    You can force the %AppDir% to the entry listed in the registry after you check for it. I would verify the directory's existence before doing so, however. They may have deleted the directory and the registry still has it listed. This also means any "uninstall" you had was probably deleted.

    Hope that Helps,