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    I have a script that covers two products, 95% of the files and are the same but same files are needed depending on the product name.

    I have made a CONSTANT called #_AppName#. And I call it the name I want and then save the script on the basis of that PRODUCT NAME (eg:
    #_AppName# = Product 1). This saves me having to make major changes to 2 scripts.

    Now to include the files I want I put in BUILD TIME CONDITION either "#_AppName#" = "Product 1" or "#_AppName#" = "Product 2" to the files I want to include.

    Unfornuately this doesn't seem to work as the size of the EXE file is the same as when I didn't have BUILDTIME INCLUSIONS.

    Has anybody got any advise on what I may be doing wrong.

    PS. I deleted all PACKAGES that may refer to the files and it doesn't make a difference.

    Thanks in advance.

    Centaur Software

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    Re: Build Time Variables

    Hi David,

    I tested your design however failed to replicate any problem with your design. However one potential problem is the value you are assigning to the design time constant. Make sure that value is a single string, no spaces. I tried with the variable you defined, and placed two different conditions on the two files and it seemed to have grabbed the correct file, based on the path that was displayed in the build log.

    Also make sure you are using If you send your project file(.sf6) to [email protected], I'll take a closer look if you like.