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  • registry

    Is there a way to use the read from registry w/o the function looking for a case-sensitive entry ? Also, I do a read from registry but when the registry does not find the entry it creates an error ? It says:

    Could not read from the Registry. (#1, Line 3)

    Could not open key.

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    Re: registry

    To my knowledge and a test that I performed on a Windows 2000 machine, I didn't find any case sensitive problems. Perhaps if you provided some further information so I could replicate the problem, such as exact registry entries, and OS I could replicate it on my end.

    As for the error message that appears, what you could do is the following:
    Go to your Read from Registry action to view it's properties dialog.
    Click the ON ERROR tab.
    Set the user notification to "None" and at the bottom you can tell Setup Factory what to do when it encounters an error. One of these options is the "Continue at label" option. So you could create a label in your action script to go to if an error is encountered.

    Hope that helps.


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      Re: registry

      Ok. So if there is an error it would indicate that the registry entry could not be found. In that case I can implement your suggestion and proceed with the next step. I thought that the Installer wouls simply assign a value FALSE when a read registry entry did not turn up anything.


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        Re: registry

        If the value or key does not exist, the value in the "Default Value" field will be returned in the variable.

        Make sure that you have the "User Notification" set to "None" in that case so the user will not see any indication. You could also use the ON ERROR tab in a similar fashion to skip code in your action script to jump to a label.