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  • Why Should i Buy?


    I have Visual Studio Professional 6.0. It has a Package & Deployment Wizard included. What can Setup Factory offer to me that Visual Studio cannot? Thanks for any help!


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    Re: Why Should i Buy?

    Well, it really depends on your needs. First of all, SUF60 has its own runtime engine and doen not depend on the Microsoft Installer service (MSI) to be installed on the system before an installation can take place. Secondly, Setup Factory 6.0 is a lot more flexible than the one that ships with VS. When you use MSI you are really quite locked into how it wants you to do things. SUF60 lets you do a lot more during your installation and allows for more customization of screens.

    Another big factor is technical support. Look around the forums here. If you have any specific questions post them here or email [email protected]. You will be pleasantly surprised at the speed and quality of response. Then call Microsoft and ask them some questions about the free VS installer... see how that goes for ya. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Of course, all of this is coming from someone who works here at IR and loves the products. It's like asking my Mom if I am good looking - you may not get the objective opinion that you are looking for.

    Perhaps some of our users would care to give their input on this one. Also, if you haven't already, download the Trial version of SUF60 and pit it against the VS installer. See which one you like working with better and which one offers you the most long-term flexibility and ease of use. The proof is in the puddin' as they say...

    Let us know how your quest goes.