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Small problema, need assistance. Thanks.

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  • Small problema, need assistance. Thanks.

    First, I am a novice.

    I have five individual files. I can't figure out how to set up the program to allow the user to determine which, if any, of the files the user would like desktop shortcuts created for. I know how to force the install to put shortcuts on the desktop for each of the five but I don't want it to work that way. I want the user to chose the files s/he wants to have desktop shortcuts for. Thanks.

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    Re: Small problema, need assistance. Thanks.

    Create a Check Boxes screen with five checkboxes. Test the value of the check box in an IF statement ( IF %CheckBox1%= TRUE) in the After part of the screen. Within the IF block have the create shortcut command. This way every item the user picks in the screen will have a shortcut made. If they don't click the check box they will not get that shortcut, since the variable would not be TRUE.



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      Re: Small problema, need assistance. Thanks.

      Kevin - I really appreciate your assistance but I don't think you understand that you are dealing with a pure amature - I'm about as much of a newbie as a new born baby. I need step by step instructions or this will be a total mess. Thank you.


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        Re: Small problema, need assistance. Thanks.

        See the attached document....

        14684-Add this


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          Thank you very much.

          First, thank you for your hard work in helping me out. I was able to get it all figured out with your help. I'm sorry for putting you through all this work. I'm sure by reading the help or manual file, I would learn more - it's just that I rarely use this software. Thank you again.