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Problem with zip files

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  • Problem with zip files

    I have produced a application which we distribute on a CD.
    Recently we have been getting a couple of reports from our clients where the installation doesn’t work.

    What happens is that the setup tries to unzip some zip files (around 300 MB big) and almost nothing happens, the unzip goes in slow-motion (I client had it going for 12 hours and it didn’t finish).

    The strange part is that when we try the same CD at our office it works perfectly.

    Does anyone recognise this problem and if so, how have you solved it?

    The setup for these CD:s was made with SUF

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    Re: Problem with zip files

    I first suggest that you update your installs to our current build, and provide your customer with that version to see if they experience the same behavior. I am curious as to why you're not just installing them directly though. Is there a reason? You may even want to have the user's try to unzip the files directly on their system outside of Setup Factory. Do they have the same problems?