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Information needed About Setup Factory !!! HELP !!!

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  • Information needed About Setup Factory !!! HELP !!!

    Hello ALL,

    I am evaluating Setup Facotry for my company. I have read the user manual but would still like to know all of your valued opinions abt the product . The aim is that i know what we are getting into.

    SOme of my questions might be very basic to all of you but please bear with me ..

    My Questions:
    a) I know that setup factory supports DLL Registration. How do you register Active X exe's (*.exe) and also how do u install *.dll and *.exe (Active X)

    b) HOw do we support Setting up DCOM for an active X exe .. We typically build distributed components and it is essential for us to be able to set DCOM properties like server where it will run and under which identity .. which we do currently using DCOMCNFG. This is required for NT/2000/XP

    c) How do you check versions of Windows DLL and exes. I want my dlls and exes to be installed only if they are newer than what is installed

    d) Is there a way to search for already installed products and pronmpt the user to uninstall b4 installing the new products

    e) We also need (almost all VB apps) interact with DB we also need to setup DSN .. support for this ???

    f) ALso, a facitility to run third party components which takes parameters likek DSN.exe A,B,c is this possible

    g) We can run silent mode but is it possible to give the inputs like say for eg area of installation and other data like server where it is being installed in command line or best in a property file

    h) I think we can create dialog boxes to prompt information from the users like password , user name etc ..

    Your help would be highly appreciated

    Many Thanks and Regards,