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  • Serial Number & True update

    Need to know if possible to present the user with the option of registering by Internet, email, or phone. I need SF to generate a random varible and either send it or display it to the user according to the otion picked. My equation would then genterate a serial number back to the user, to enter where it would be compared with the same equation result. I have True update, and need to know if this is possible and if it is, if someone could post an example of it, or something close. Would like the enduser to be able to auto-register or call.

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    Re: Serial Number & True update

    Here is code for AMS 4.0, but you can do the same kind of thing with SF60. See my post here on how it works...

    - The install button does this OnClick
    %UnlockText% = EditFieldObject[UnLockCodeBox].GetText
    %ALLNUMBERS% = String.Replace ("%Info%", "f", "5")
    %ALLNUMBERS% = String.Replace ("%ALLNUMBERS%", "e", "4")
    %ALLNUMBERS% = String.Replace ("%ALLNUMBERS%", "d", "3")
    %ALLNUMBERS% = String.Replace ("%ALLNUMBERS%", "c", "2")
    %ALLNUMBERS% = String.Replace ("%ALLNUMBERS%", "b", "1")
    %ALLNUMBERS% = String.Replace ("%ALLNUMBERS%", "a", "0")
    %TMPDIV% = Evaluate (%ALLNUMBERS% / %DaysSinceBuilt%)
    %UnLockCalc% = Variable.FormatNumber (%TMPDIV%, 0, Truncate)

    IF (%UnlockText% = %UnLockCalc%)
    File.Copy ("%SrcDir%\RES.GBL", "%TEMPDIR%\SETUP.EXE")
    File.SetAttributes ("%TEMPDIR%\SETUP.EXE", "")
    File.Execute ("%TEMPDIR%\SETUP.EXE", "", Wait)
    %Result% = Dialog.MessageBox ("Unlock Code Does Not Match", "Your unlock code does not matc...", Ok, Information)
    END IF

    - The Page Show does this
    %Info% = System.GetInformation ( "MAC Address")
    IF (%Info% = "UNKNOWN")
    %Info% = "00010274fac9"
    END IF
    TextObject[Text2].SetText ("%Info%")

    - The Page Initialize does this
    %JulianDate% = System.GetDateTime ( "Date", "Julian Date")
    %DaysSinceBuilt% = Evaluate (%JulianDate% - #JulianDate#)
    // %Result% = Dialog.MessageBox ("Debug Information", "Days Since Built: %DaysSinceB...", Ok, Question)