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  • seervice failed to stoped

    i included a very simple "Stop service action' and for some reason when i run my setup it cannot stop the service even if i put 30 seconds for waintg time!

    Please help

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    Re: seervice failed to stoped

    Are you sure that the action is being launched, or that the action isn't actually failing? Go to the ON ERROR tab and make sure the error messaging is set to "Verbose" so that you can detect if any error occurs.

    Are you able to stop the service manually without any problems?

    What OS are you testing on? Do you have the same problem on every OS, or certain ones?

    What happens if you increase the wait even further, does it ever stop?

    Where are you launching your action in your install?


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      Re: service failed to stoped

      Wow..i am back! [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
      Still unable to stop a service. The error message says "command failed" after trying to stop the service. it seem to do the same thing for any service (cant stop any!). and Yes i can stop the services manually, and the os is Windows 2000 but it does the same thing on NT...The stop service action is define to stop the service by Display name......Please Help


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        Re: service failed to stoped

        Are you sure that the display name is exactly as it should be, no spaces at the end of the string or before, no spelling mistakes etc. Are you using a variable in that field? If so, are you sure that the variable contains the correct contents?

        As a test, have you tried using the Key Name?

        I've had successfull tests with stopping Services on my system. Perhaps if I took a look at your project file I could see something that may be the cause. You can send it to [email protected].


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          Re: service failed to stoped

          Hi Martin_SBT

          Have you tried stopping any of the "Generic" services on Windows 2000? Perhaps try starting the "ClipBook" service (Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services) and then stopping it using Setup Factory 6.0.

          If you are unable to stop this service using Setup Factory 6.0, please post your Stop Service action so that we can take a look at it.

          Also make sure that you are using Setup Factory

          MSI Factory The Next Generation Intelligent Setup Builder


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            Re: service failed to stoped

            Hi guys

            thanx for replying, yes i tried by displayname and also key name and it still give me a command failed! I also tried to stop a generic service and this time it worked! but i still cant stop specific ones! no mispelling (i checked that again and again)

            i will post my code in few hours

            thanx for helping me


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              Re: service failed to stoped


              On your test system, are you logged in with adminstrative permissions at the point you are stopping the service? I ask this because you will receive that message if you have restricted access to the system. You can start and I believe pause, but you cannot stop a service. So you may want to look into the security settings aspect.

              As I mentioned before, I could take a look at your project file(.sf6) if you wish. I may see something that doesn't look right.