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  • Change text while executing file

    When I use "Execute a File", as an action, SF displays a the test "Executing File" while the exe is being run. Is there any way to change that test to a customized one. I would also like to be able to take out the cancel button from that screen, but so far I have not control of that action.


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    Re: Change text while executing file

    You can find all of the message ID's used in Setup Factory if you go to DESIGN->GENERAL DESIGN.
    Click the LANGUAGES tab.
    Then double click the language module(s) you are using to display it's properties. You can then find that particular message and change it's text if you wish, or use an "Assign Value" action to assign new text to the Message ID at runtime before that dialog is displayed.

    There is no way to remove or disable that Cancel button. However you could hide the dialog altogether by using the built-in variable defined as follows:

    This variable controls whether or not the Action Progress dialog is visible. If this variable is set to TRUE, the Action Progress dialog will be visible. If it's set to FALSE, the Action Progress dialog won't be visible.

    Note: This variable has no affect during the uninstall.

    Hope that helps.