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Design time constant in .ini file

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  • Design time constant in .ini file


    I am using desing time constants for the source path for the files in my project.


    When using this with the constants defined in the "Project Settings" it is working fine.

    The problem is when I am using a .ini file for unattended builds
    it is not working and SF6 cannot find the source files and exits.

    .ini file example (project1.ini)

    If I do not remove the constant from the "Project settings" page, the .ini file has no effect and the values from "Project settings" are taken.

    If I remove the constant from the "Project settings" SF6 does not see the source files when started from a batch file.

    project1.bat example:

    Please help!


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    Re: Design time constant in .ini file

    I've tested this with a few different examples however I haven't been able to replicate any problems.

    What build of Setup Factory 6.0 are you using? Make sure you are using the latest build

    This is likely not the case, but also make sure you are not placing the file name in the source field.

    Are you able to successfully get it to work with only one file?
    Are you able to run it from Start->Run? Maybe there is an error when launching it from your batch file?

    Perhaps if you sent me your project file and INI file I may be able to test a little further and find the problem.


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      Re: Design time constant in .ini file

      I am terribly sorry. You are right, there is no problem at all.

      It is just working fine.

      One of the files was missing from one directory.
      I should have insvestigate deeper.

      Thank you for you quick reply.