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Format number doesn't work?

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  • Format number doesn't work?

    i'm trying to round the decimal value of a number to 2 digits (i also tried truncating), and neither attempt works...

    the number i am trying to round is the variable %sizekb% which is a number in kilobytes, which is retrieved through a Get Delimited String function

    after the %sizekb% is retrieved, it is written to a txt file, which is then used for my List Box (%sizekb% displays to the right of each filename in the list), and i'm wondering if the round ability just does not work, or if i'm doing something incorrectly??

    btw, the round is being performed at the end of a WHILE loop, directly before the variables are written to the .txt file

    i'm using Setup factory v6.0.1.2

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    Re: Format number doesn't work?

    Create a Dialog Message Box action to display the contents of the variable along the way to see if it holds the expected value each time. Also add one after the Round action to see what value is returned.

    What is the exact value you are using in the Round action? I can then test the value on my side.


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      Re: Format number doesn't work?

      i was trying to round about 50 diff sets of digits

      the digits i was trying to round are filesizes that are passed to the installer via a web script, and in the process of the loop (which is only processing one file, thus one size %size% at a time) the variable %size% was passed to the round function

      i was trying to round to the 2nd decimal place, but i went ahead and just rounded in my server-side script before passing the variables to the installer.... thx anyways