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problem w/ unzipping?

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  • problem w/ unzipping?

    okay, i don't think i've had this problem w/ previous installers that i've created using SF6, but i have the installer successfully download the needed zip files for installation, but when i tell it to unzip all zip files in the temp folder, it is unsuccessful... can the unzip function not work with wildcards??

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    Re: problem w/ unzipping?

    If you are asking if you can use the Unzip action to unzip multiple files, then the answer is no. You must use one action per zip file. However what you could do is get a list of all of the files in the folder that will be stored in a delimited list. Then create a loop around your Unzip action and use a variable as the file name that will be updated each time you run through the loop and work your way through the string list. That should accomplish what you need to do. Or you could simply create separate Unzip actions for each of the files.

    Hope that helps.


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      Re: problem w/ unzipping?

      agh, lol, i've been writing while loops in this installer all night, haha

      i was afraid you'd say that =-P

      thx, i'm off to loop a bit


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        Re: problem w/ unzipping?

        okay, i'm having issues

        ne1 wanna have a glance at my .sf6 file? heh, please remember this is an installer in progress, lolol

        the bmps go into the image folder of Setup Factory, unless you wanna chg the images before building, or you don't need to build

        any help would be GREATLY appreciated... i believe i was able to do this before, but i'm too **** tired right now to keep perusing the code to find what i'm doing wrong

        oh, and i have a username/password screen that hasn't been fully implemented yet, so if you build the exe, just type in at least 2 letters to get past the screen... the exe is built to download a list after GETting info from a php script, and parsing the info to create an optional list, then parsing again to determine the url and download the appropriate zip files, but it cannot extract the zips, and cannot remove the folder that it downloaded the zips to (folder is called maps)

        my email address is [email protected]


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          Re: problem w/ unzipping?

          lol, ne1?


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            Re: problem w/ unzipping?

            I couldn't seem to access your files that you posted. I believe it is a firewall issue on our side. In any case, could you zip up the appropriate files and email them to me at [email protected]. I can then take a look at what you have.