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  • Windows XP Installation

    How can I configure Setup Factory to install software on an XP machine so that it supports "All Users" ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Richard

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    Re: Windows XP Installation

    Before I respond further, I want to clarify. Are you wanting to simply install your application to the "All User's" profile, rather than the "Per User" profile? Or is your question related to administrative permissions and who can install your software?

    Also, does your question pertain to the current version 6.0 of Setup Factory?


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      Re: Windows XP Installation

      actually my question involves the following scenario:

      the application is installed onto an XP machine by a user with administrative rights and runs fine. However, when attempting to run the application with a "Limited User" account, the execution fails and error messages are displayed indicating that the application dlls/ocxs are not registered. If you need more info on the "Limited User" account, the following page has some pretty good info:

      Please keep in mind that my application conforms to XP standards regarding location of data files/etc...The problem seems to be related to how the application dlls/etc are registered during installation.

      Thanks again for your help on this...much appreciated.



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        Re: Windows XP Installation

        All I can say is "No thanks" Indigo Rose. I was all set to purchase this software but judging by the lack of support (still no answer to a simple question), I will go elsewhere...


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          Re: Windows XP Installation

          Hi Richard_mtl,

          We're sorry for not replying to you sooner, our sincere apologies. However, these are discussion forums meant for everyone to respond to, and not our main support service. For that you can email [email protected].

          The question you have asked, isn't necessarily a simple question. I have not heard of this scenario occurring, therefore in order to determine what exactly is happening, I would need to take a look at your project file and a log file from a run of your install to see exactly what you have designed, where you are installing, what sort of Registry modifications you are performing etc.

          Feel free to email [email protected] with this information and we'll attempt to determine what is occurring in your test.