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  • Send Mail After Install

    Is there any way that once an installation has been performed by the client end, an email is automatically generated to come back to me indicating that the install has been done.
    I KNOW that the clients end will always be using Outlook 2002 as their mail application.

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    Re: Send Mail After Install

    There is no "send email" action in Setup Factory 6.0, however you could use an "Open Document" action with the following in the "File to open" field:

    mailto:[email protected]

    That would open the user's default mail program with an email addressed to "[email protected]".

    I don't believe that it can be automatically sent though. As far as the text body, there may be a command line argument that can be passed to that mail program, however I'm not aware if one exists. You may want to check the documentation for the mail program and see what command line arguments it supports. Maybe there is one that will send it automatically. In that case, you may need to launch the program directly using an Execute File action in order to pass it command line arguments.

    However a better solution may be to use the "Submit to web" action to pass information from the install.

    Hope that helps.


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      Re: Send Mail After Install

      Thanks Darryl

      I think mailto:[email protected]?subject=Installation Completed would work.