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    Hoping somebody could help me. We are in the middle of a major upgrade of software. Have a user base of non-progressive people, some who still have P1, PII. Our upgrade is being deployed and then we having major problems with processsing power, ram etc.

    I am hoping to put more powerful HW checking in the start of my upgrade script. I can do SYSTEMRAM but CPU speed is a problem. Has anybody got any suggestions on how the CPU SPEED can be determined as well as the type (eg: P II, Celeron, Athlon).

    I may be oversimplifying so any suggestions or workarounds (maybe thru 3rd party exe to text file) would be appreciated. I am hoping to do this all SILENTLY and display the FAILED conditions at the end.

    PS: If anybody knows how to determine the speed of a HDD that would be handy as well.

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    Re: CPU Speed


    For processor speed try looking in the registry under:

    That has the approximate processor speed, it is only used for display so this value may not be correct, but you could use it as a quick test.

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      I know this is an old thread, but I am evaluating Setup Factory 6 for our company and I need to limit a software package installation to a minimum CPU speed and type (at least 700MHz and Intel based.)

      Can someone post the code that I can use to determine if a customer's computer meets these requirements?

      I have been able to figure out how to do it for display resolution, OS version etc but not the CPU speed/type.

      I tried the suggestion in this thread but I just can't get it going.

      Many thanks.


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        Never mind... duh... I must be tired... and I hate stupid mistakes. :oops