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Windows NT 3.5

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  • Windows NT 3.5

    I made an Installer and all works fine [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I have only one problem on a NT 3.5 computer:

    The internet shortcut is not working.
    On other computers the shortcut is working.

    Does anyone know a solution?!



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    Re: Windows NT 3.5

    It's been soooo long since I used NT 3.5... The problem may be the content of the shortcut. I don't remember if NT 3.5 knows what to do with a shortcut the goes to something like this:

    perhaps rewriting the shortcut:

    That should invoke the browser via file type association. If that doesn't work make the shorcut to iexplore.exe and send the URL are a command line paramerter, like this:


    You can get fancy and put the path to iexplore.exe or read the default browser out of the registry to catch Netscape and Opera as well...


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      Re: Windows NT 3.5

      Officially Setup Factory 6.0 isn't supported at design or runtime on Windows 3.5, so that may not be the only functionality that does not install correctly. Internet shortcuts on older OS's are usually special types of shortcuts rather than a standard one in more modern OS's. What you may also want to try is actually creating the shortcut file on a system of yours manually, and then adding that shortcut file to your installation to be installed on the user's system. In order to add a shortcut file to an install, you will need to drag and drop it on the design window, rather than going through the "Add Files" button. As I say, it's not a supported platform, however if it works for you, great.

      Hope that helps.