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varialbe into Serial # list?

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  • varialbe into Serial # list?

    Ok, here is what I have going on. I have a set of random numerical variables on startup (4 in all). I then combine(new variable) and display these 4 variables in a certain order, and then have the user call to get an unlock code based on those 4 random variable (just simple math for now). How can I push this (new variable) into the Serial # List so that when the user types it in it will work. Can this be done? Thanks in advance


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    Re: varialbe into Serial # list?

    No, I'm sorry, the serial number list feature used with the "Verify Serial Number" screen was not designed to be dynamic by nature for security reasons.

    However, you could roll your own serial number screen using an "Edit Boxes" screen. You could then perform your validation on the "After" actions tab.

    You could then use a built-in variable to prevent the next screen from displaying. It's defined as follows:

    This is a special variable that can be set on a screen's Before or After action tabs. If this variable is set to TRUE, the installer will not allow the user to proceed to the next screen when the Next button is clicked; instead, the user will remain on the current screen. If set to FALSE, the installer will allow the user to proceed normally when they click Next.

    This variable is useful if you want to validate the data entered by the user on a screen. If the data is incorrect, you could display an error message and set %PreventNextPage% to "true" to make the user go back and enter valid data.

    The value of %PreventNextPage% is reset to FALSE every time a screen is displayed.

    Another user also found a work around. It's discussed at the following URL: