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Possible to encode the password box??

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  • Possible to encode the password box??

    i have a username/password box in my installer, is there a way to make the typed password appear as those vertical black blocks that you often see in password boxes, or maybe solid bullets, or just not appear at all?

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    Re: Possible to encode the password box??

    Use a Verify Serial Number screen to get the password, and enable the Mask Password option.
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      Re: Possible to encode the password box??

      so essentially, i'd have to put the username login in one screen, retrieve the database password that corresponds to the username, pass the password into whatever variable holds the list of serial numbers, and have the serial number screen (as the password screen) directly following where the user enters their password, and if it doesn't match, they get a specified number of retries?

      wouldn't that be possibly violating user's information if the password is retrieved to the computer for comparison? it seems a script kiddie (hacker, phreaker, whatever) would be able to just enter any username they see in my forums, and possibly intercept the password, and then they now have the password available for their own uses...
      in my current login script, i have the verification take place on the server to hopefully be a bit more secure

      is there a better way to do this than what i just detailed? because hopefully i'm thinking about this in the wrong direction, lol

      and one more password question, is it possible to md5 encrypt a password in the installer? because, if i stick to my current login model, i would like to have the password encrypted before posting to my server, to make it difficult for anyone that might intercept the login submission