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Hi everyone...

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  • Hi everyone...

    I just got 2 questions...

    1) Is it possible with Setup Factory to search for an old version of the program to install and uninstall it before it install the new one?

    2) I would like to add a shortcut on the desktop... where can I do that and what is the "folder" name I should use (instead of %SCFolderPath%)?


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    Re: Hi everyone...

    Question 1)
    Yes, that should be possible if you were the creator of the old install and know how it is set up. There is a "File Search" action you can use to determine the location of a file, or if you have stored information in the Registry, you could retrieve information that way. For Setup Factory installs, the uninstall is composed of the uninstall executable which is installed to the Windows directory and an INI file who's location you define, which is by default in the application directory. Therefore once those files are found, you could launch the executable and pass the INI file as an argument to initiate the uninstall process.

    Question 2)
    You can find information on creating a shortcut on the desktop in the following Knowledge Base article:

    You can also use an action to create the shortcut and use either the built-in variable %DeskTop% or %DeskTopNT% in the "folder" field.


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      Re: Hi everyone...

      Ok Thanks alot... it answered everything perfectly [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]