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    We have a number of products using Setup Factory. We now need to integrate two existing products into one for delivery. As I see it there are two alternatives.
    Have one setup project call the other setup.exe to install. This means two uninstall entries which is undesirable.
    Cut and paste the setup code from one project into another. This is undesireable due to this code existing in two places and would need maintaining twice when changes occur. The installtion process is medium complex so does anyone have any better ideas?

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    Re: packages and products

    Yes, it sounds like using packages in your install is the best solution. You can import settings from one project to another which will likely be the easiest method. You can find this feature if you go to FILE->IMPORT->SETUP FACTORY 6.0 PROJECT. You can then choose what portions you would like to import.

    Hope that helps.