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  • Merging Installs

    I have two issues about installs.

    First, what happens if a user does a full install of my program, which creates an uninstaller. Then, they install a subsequent update of the program, containing only some of the files that the full install contains, but perhaps some new files.

    Assuming that the uninstallers have the same name (and it will lead to massive clutter if they don't, as users install multiple versions), what happens? Do they get merged, or does the new (smaller) uninstall replace the old one?

    As a slightly worse question, my previous program versions have been installed with an installer created with InstallShield 5.0 Free Edition. That also creates an uninstall, with the same name as I hope to call the uninstaller created by my SetupFactory install. Will that merge, or replace? Again, the biggest issue is what happens if they only install a partial update with my new SetupFactory install, but had previously installed a full version (with more files) with the InstallShield install?
    Dan Cooperstock [email protected]

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    Re: Merging Installs

    That's a difficult one to answer, especially if you are in the middle of distribution rather than beginning the process.

    It is possible to add files to the uninstall routine of a Setup Factory install. You can find a Knowledge Base article discussing that procedure here

    No, there is no merging going on with the uninstalls. If you overwrite one uninstall INI file with another, the original INI file will be lost.

    If you are starting fresh and foresee some changes beyone additional files, you could include an Execute File action in the uninstall that could be used to call some program during the uninstall, such as a Setup Factory install whose purpose is to do some additional cleanup. You could set it's error notification to "None" so if it's there, it will launch it, but if it's not nothing will happen.

    Hope that helps.


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      Re: Merging Installs

      That helps some, but it worries me in other ways.

      My program has 2 distribution options - a full install, and an update. The full install is almost 5MB, and the update is only 1.5MB. The update installs only about 20 files, whereas the full install installs about 40. (That's not accurate, but it gives you the right idea.)

      If the update's irunin.ini overwrites that of the basic install (and I can't see how to avoid that), then if the user does an uninstall, it will only delete the 20 files, not all 40. Obviously that's not acceptable.

      Surely other users have problems like this?
      Dan Cooperstock [email protected]


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        Re: Merging Installs

        For each of your installs, you can customize the uninstall. For example, you can change the INI file location, Registry entries etc. You can find all of these settings on the SETTINGS tab of DESIGN->UNINSTALL. However if you are simply replacing files, then there is really no reason that you would need to include an uninstall program with the update, just add the files to the INI file of the full install.

        Hope that help.


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          Re: Merging Installs

          Darryl has already given an answer, but this was an interesting – and important – subject.
          As far as I can see:
          In the Uninstall dialog you can specify the Configuration file (Settings tab). The default value is ‘irunin.ini’. If you use another name, the .dat, .lng and .bmp file names are changed correspondently. By using proper values for the registry key, shortcut icon description, and by writing the actions you need (before and after uninstalling), you should obtain what you want. Once again Setup Factory turns out to be very flexible. It is up to you; you are the boss.