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msvcrt.dll problems.

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  • msvcrt.dll problems.

    On SOME ME and some XP installs (my ME system installs fine, but several others do not) We're getting an error durring "Installation ac tions are now being performed."

    The error is:
    ! Irsetup has caused an error in MSVCRT.DLL
    Irsetup will now close.

    If you continue to experience problems,
    try restarting your computer.

    Retstarting does not help.

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    Re: msvcrt.dll problems.

    Are you installing any system files with your install? It sounds like either you, or another product has installed incompatible system files, or there is some DLL mismatching going on with those particular systems. That is definitely something to check out. If you are installing any system files, it's probably best to never overwrite files unless it is completely necessary, and you are sure that the file you are installing is compatible with the target OS's.


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      Re: msvcrt.dll problems.

      I thought I had all system type files to "never overwrite" but I may have missed one; I'll check & let ya know... thanks.