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Shared Files, not remvoed on uninstall

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  • Shared Files, not remvoed on uninstall

    As I understand it; a "shared file" should have an entry in the registry that is incremented for each "install" that uses it. When the count = 0 (multiple uninstalls, finally decrementing the count to 0) the file should be removed.

    I just did an uninstall; where one file was marked as shared, and it was installed just once, and it wasn't removed..



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    Re: Shared Files, not remvoed on uninstall

    I can't think of any reason that the file would not be uninstalled unless it is one of the following scenarios:

    1) The file was not actually installed, maybe because of an install condition such as another version already there in which case it would not be removed. You could determine this from an installation log file.

    2) You are not logged in with the appropriate administrative permissions.

    3) You also have the "Never Remove" option selected for that file.

    4) That file actually was there and was also being used by another application that you are not aware of.

    5) You are launching a build of the install that didn't have that setting.

    Are you receiving the confirmation prompt when uninstalling that asks whether or not you wish to remove the file?


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      Re: Shared Files, not remvoed on uninstall

      I'll tripple check, it's a dll we install to the application directory...