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%PreventNextPage% doesn't always work...

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  • %PreventNextPage% doesn't always work...

    I have a dialog YES/NO as responses.
    if %YesNoResult% = NO
    Show Message Box "We're here"
    assign value %PreventNextPage% = TRUE
    Show Message Box "%PreventNextPage%"
    assign value %RadioPalm%= NO

    if %PalmUser% <> "Do Not Install"
    assign value %RadioPalm% = YES
    AssignValue %PalmUserDir% = %PalmDir%\%PalmUser%\SS

    I get the "we are here" dialog; but it still goes to the next page. The second dialog box is TRUE.

    I did a cut &amp; Paste on all lines for %PreventNextPage% so I know it's right... (as copies from the help screen)

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    Re: %PreventNextPage% doesn't always work...

    Where have you placed all of these actions?

    Double check your Assign Value action for %PreventNextPage% to make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces or carriage returnes when you are assigning TRUE. It may appear in your Message Box action that you have the correct value stored, but in reality, you may have invisible characters, which would cause it to fail.


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      Re: %PreventNextPage% doesn't always work...

      They are in the "after" tab for a screen.

      I was bitten by the "trailing" space once... no; it's just TRUE (nothing before or after)



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        Re: %PreventNextPage% doesn't always work...

        Ok; I have it replicatible in a small sf6 file.

        I did a "copy/paste" of the after code.. And BARELY modified the screen.

        When I do a stragith copy/paste it works; but when I reuse the screen / variables, it fails. I put it at


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          Re: %PreventNextPage% doesn't always work...

          The problem is due to your screen conditions for that screen. When you prevent it from going to the next page, you are redisplaying that screen which in turn validates the screen conditions again. Since you are modifying one of the variables used in the screen condition, that condition will fail, causing it not to display and move on to the next screen.

          That is the cause of your problems.


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            Re: %PreventNextPage% doesn't always work...

            Darryl! THANK YOU.. I'd been staring at that so long, I couldn't see it...