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my problem is simple

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  • Darryl
    Re: my problem is simple

    I'm not sure that I totally undestand your question, however I believe that your problem is based upon needing to wait for your installation(setup.exe) to finish running before continuing on with the install process. Try checking the "Wait for program to finish running before continuing" checkbox on your "Execute File" action. If your "setup.exe" file is a Setup Factory installation, you will also need to pass it the /W command line argument.

    If this does not answer your question, perhaps some further explanation would help.

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  • 4985gm
    started a topic my problem is simple

    my problem is simple

    i 'm trying spf 6.0 for first time for try.I have the following problem.
    I have two file to include in the installer
    one is setup.exe (which is installer itself) and other is myfile.exe.
    2-i have added after installation to execute setup.exe and then overite myfile.exe in the install dir which is made by the setup.exe.
    i have the problem here
    and action of copying is notedone and i want to delete
    after copying the myfile.exe.the folder made by setupfactory installer.