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  • What can be happening?

    First at all, excuse my poor english.
    When I try to do the setup of my application after I tell SF tools->scan files dependencies... and tools->scan visual basic project... SF does list of file and by now all ok but when i say do setup say this message "could not open input file for compression:
    retry cancel

    I'm installed Crystal report 8.0 on my pc, win2k, vb 6+sp5, run time for: cr 8.5(%appdir% only) and cr 8.5(%sysdir% and %appdir%), ms dcom95 v1.3, visual basic 6.0, mdac 2.7.

    I seen that "c:\winnt\system32\..\cristal" it a folder and in there it some .dll. How can I do so solve my problem?

    1000 Thanks!

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    Re: What can be happening?

    Have you followed the "Crystal Reports 8.5 Runtime Notes" to make sure that everything is correctly in place and configured?

    The first thing to do is to read or re-read those two documents to make sure you have followed it's instructions exactly.