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  • Question for upcoming project

    Basically I've had SF6.0 since it came out..and im confused on one thing

    On an upcoming project i'll be editing existing ini files but a particular line needs to be altered in the ini files...

    without replacing the whole file how would this be possible?

    thanks for all your help

    -john johnston

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    Re: Question for upcoming project

    What you would do is use the "Modify INI File" action which is located in the "INI Files" action category. Within that action you will find "Set Value", "Delete Value" and "Set Value" options, so you can use those to modify your INI file.

    Hope that helps.


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      Re: Question for upcoming project

      That's true darryl but i notice the action puts it at the end of the document rather than replacing the value I intend on replacing...


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        Re: Question for upcoming project

        I'm not sure that I understand what you mean. Could you give a small example explaining what in particular you are modifying? Are you just modifying the "Value data", or deleting a value and data and then creating a new one?

        Also make sure you're using the current build,


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          Re: Question for upcoming project

          Darryl ...what i did was in the finished side banner/ actions/after tab i chose to modify ini file ..delete value and set value...

          and it works beautifully

          thanks for your help...

          great product guys