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  • Install multiple programs

    I am a new user (currently using the trial version to see if Setup Factory will meet my needs.) I want to set up my installation to allow the user to select from a list of options to install certain programs. There will only be two choices: 1) The main application and 2) Shockwave Player. I figured out how to create a list but I am unsure how to check whether an option is enabled to test whether the installation for the selected program should be installed. What would be the best way to handle this?

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    Re: Install multiple programs

    The easiest method is using the "CheckBox 12" screen with only two options enabled. If you look at the "Custom" tab of that screen you will see a field labeled "Store checkbox state in variable" which can be populated for each of the checkboxes you've added. That variable will hold a value of either TRUE or FALSE after it has been displayed.

    Therefore after that screen has displayed and the user has made their choices, you could create a conditional structure using an IF Control Structure. For example:

    IF (%CheckBox1% = TRUE)
    Do these actions...
    END IF

    If you are using "Packages" to group your files, you could then replace the "Do these actions..." part with an "Assign Value" action that sets the package variable to TRUE, which means that all of those files in that package will be installed.

    Hope that helps.