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  • DLL Usage Count

    when a dll is "registered" with SetupFactory; it knows hte count of how many times it's "used"

    however, due to "runtime" files; we cannot register a file until after all other files have been installed & registered.

    This isn't a problem, we run regsvr32 "after install"

    however, UNINSTALL is the problem. How can we determine the usage count, decrement it; and if needed, delete the file if the usage count is now zero?


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    Re: DLL Usage Count

    You could write a set of actions that get executed during uninstall that does the usage count manually using the Registry actions. The key that you want to poke around in is:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\SharedDLLs

    Basically, just get the value of your DLL by it's filename, decrement the number and determine if it is <= 0. IF so, unregister the DLL ("regsvr32.exe /u yourfile.dll"), delete the registry value, and delete the file. If it is still greater than 1, just leave everything as-is.