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Help file on windows toolbar?

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  • Help file on windows toolbar?

    I notice that when I use the help function for SF6.0 itself the toolbar on windows include both the help function and SF6.0 itself on the same tab on the toolbar.

    But in my own application the help file (when opened by the user) and the application appear as two separate tabs on the windows toolbar. This isn't the end of the world, but the ought to be an easy way to combine these, just like SF6.0 does. But I couldn't find anything on this in either the help workshop help file or the SF6.0 manual.... This is probably a really simple thing to do. I hope someone out there can help me get started, or point me in the right direction. Thanks.

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    Re: Help file on windows toolbar?

    As an experiment I went to the sf6.0 folder in \program files and clicked on the icon for the help file. This then showed up on the tool bar as a separate item rather than on the same tab as SF6.0. So apparently I have to launch help from my application in such a way that it shows up on the same tab. Any advice on how to do this or where to look for an answer? (My application uses an old style .hlp file, if this is a consideration.) Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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      Re: Help file on windows toolbar?

      I'm a little puzzled by your question because from everywhere that I've launched the Help documentation, it does appear in a separate tool bar tab. I'm on Windows 2000 and have tried on Windows XP as well and found the same.

      Could you give exact steps in order for me to replicate what you are seeing? What OS are you using? Maybe a custom Windows configuration?