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    I want to create the following:

    I have a screen where a user can choose which browser he is using on his system. In the "After" tab I created "read from registry" to check if the chosen browser has an existing registry key. If there is no appropriate key I want the setup to show the screen for browser selection once more so that the user can change his selection. So I need a label. But I don't know where and how to do this. I tried to create a label for that screen in the "before" tab, but it's then marked red and I still can'T choose the label in the "on error" case in my read-from-registry command. How do I create a working label? Or don't I need a label at all?

    Thank in advance,


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    Re: Screens and labels

    I could be wrong, but it sounds like you are trying to jump to a label on a different actions tab. You can only jump to a label on the same actions tab.

    However in this case what you want to use is the built-in variable %PreventNextPage%. It's defined as follows:

    This is a special variable that can be set on a screen's Before or After action tabs. If this variable is set to TRUE, the installer will not allow the user to proceed to the next screen when the Next button is clicked; instead, the user will remain on the current screen. If set to FALSE, the installer will allow the user to proceed normally when they click Next.

    This variable is useful if you want to validate the data entered by the user on a screen. If the data is incorrect, you could display an error message and set %PreventNextPage% to "true" to make the user go back and enter valid data.

    The value of %PreventNextPage% is reset to FALSE every time a screen is displayed.

    Hope that helps.