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Uninstaller keeps crashing

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  • Uninstaller keeps crashing

    I keep getting the "Iun6002" program crashing whenever I try to uninstall this new installer that I made. Under details I get...

    IUN6002 caused an invalid page fault in
    module IUN6002.EXE at 019f:00448754.
    EAX=006edc00 CS=019f EIP=00448754 EFLGS=00010283
    EBX=00000000 SS=01a7 ESP=006e5f88 EBP=006ef4f0
    ECX=0000a06c DS=01a7 ESI=00001770 FS=1b27
    EDX=00000000 ES=01a7 EDI=000000c8 GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    8a 84 0d a4 6a ff ff 3a c3 75 7c 3b cb 0f 8e 9e
    Stack dump:
    00e25654 004a2f44 bff77844 4e414c25 54534f48 50483d25 36373638 4c250043 4f444e41 4e49414d 6e553d25 776f6e6b 4c25006e 53554e41 3d255245 38205048

    I have another installer that I made quite some time ago & its uninstaller works, but lately all the installers I am making just crash whenever it's time to uninstall. The working uninstaller was from an earlier version of 6.0, so maybe that's part of the problem but it was working fine up until tonight when I was doing extensive work on the installer. Any help would be appreciated here folks. Thanks for your time either way.

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    Re: Uninstaller keeps crashing

    This sounds like a bug that was resolved in an earlier build of Setup Factory. Are you using the current build of Setup Factory, If not, you will need to update. You can find build information under HELP->ABOUT SETUP FACTORY.


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      Re: Uninstaller keeps crashing

      It was working fine at first but I ran into this problem when I kept on installing & uninstalling the thing (testing). Is there anything I can do to fix this? re-install setup factory or something?


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        Re: Uninstaller keeps crashing

        I tried installing this on another computer & the uninstaller crashes, so therefore re-installing setup factory will more than likely have no effect on this problem. I have less than a week to get this thing done - I need a solution. I would appreciate the best one you have. Thanks for your time either way.


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          Re: Uninstaller keeps crashing

          Yep, just hang on 'til tomorrow, Darryl only works days. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

          Corey Milner
          Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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            Re: Uninstaller keeps crashing

            okay. I tried troubleshooting this a bit more... this originally happened when I was adding stuff to the uninstaller, so I tried removing the stuff I added to see if it will work again, it didnt. I have other installers that do simple uninstalls, ones that I do not even add anything to & they don't work either.

            Right now the only uninstallers that work are the ones I haven't worked on in like 4 months, so earlier versions of setup factory uninstallers work, but none of the newer ones.

            I also tried re-installing the setup factory software, uninstallers still do not work.

            I have put a bit of time in this installer (about a week & a half) & now I am really running short on time. Please help me any way you can; Again, thanks for your time.


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              Re: Uninstaller keeps crashing

              FYI, specifically, this problem happened while I was adding stuff to the installer (uninstaller more so) then installing, uninstalling, modifying the installer/uninstaller, installing, uninstalling, modifying the installer/uninstaller some more, installing, uninstalling, so on & so forth. This problem may have also been caused from lack of uninstalling before re-installing or a combination of all the above. I am not positive, but I think that I DID NOT UNINSTALL before I installed again when this happened.

              Since I am so short on time I have come up with a solution for my installer. I figured I would just make a second installer as an uninstaller since the installer itself is fine, just the uninstaller is the thing that is having problems. My only concern is I do not know how to modify the add/remove section in the control panel. I obviously need it to point to the installer that is the uninstaller.

              There are a variety of ways of getting ahold of me...
              #1) Here. I check this a few times a day (more like night, I work at night, mountain standard time GMT -7).
              #2) E-Mail: [email protected] (make sure there is a *** anywhere in the subject (mail filter)).
              #3) MS IM: [email protected]
              #4) ICQ: 16442029

              I prefer instant messenger. 1 on 1 convos are the fastest way to resolve issues as opposed to posting on the boards but I understand that there may be others that run into this problem as well & would appreciate a solution. In any event, I need a solution here folks. I appreciate your time & assistance, thanks.


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                Re: Uninstaller keeps crashing

                To my knowledge this has never happened to anyone before with the current build, so for the quickest resolution, I believe it's best to email our support department to handle this situation. Email [email protected] with a link to this forum for background and we'll go from there.

                However there are a few things I would like to clarify and you to try:

                1) The first thing I would like you to do is go into your Windows directory and find the file "iun6002.exe". Delete that file from your system. Then go to the location you were installing your application and remove any remnants left behind if any. Do the same for any shortcuts that may be left behind as well. See if that has any effect.

                2) I would then like you to create an empty install (just open a project and build) and try that to see if you receive the same error.

                3) What OS's is this occurring on?

                4) When you said you installed on another machine, were you referring to the Setup Factory design environment or the install for your application?

                5) Clear out your system's temporary directory and then reboot.

                6) When you are working with the install and uninstall, are you logged in with administrative permissions?

                For your knowledge, the uninstall information is stored in the following Registry key:

                HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Uninstall

                We'll go from here.


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                  Re: Uninstaller keeps crashing

                  I also thought I would mention the fact that was released back in September 2002, so from the time frame you were mentioning, there shouldn't be any differences in the functionality of the product in that time frame.

                  What may very well be happening is that you have replaced some system files with incompatible versions which can cause some features in Windows to crash, including any Windows applications such as Setup Factory (the uninstall). This is just an idea, but something to look into. Have you changed any system files, or versions of system files you are distributing?


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                    Re: Uninstaller keeps crashing

                    1) Tried that a few times.
                    2) I will try it & post the results
                    3) Windows 98 SE
                    4) Just the installer, not setup factory. Setup factory is not on the other machine.
                    5) I will do #1, #2 & #5 to see if it works. Since I installed it on another computer that didn't even have setup factory or any setup factory installers (none of mine anyways), I highly doubt this is the case, but I will try it.
                    6) What do you mean? We use the same login for all users on all the PCs here.
                    7) (second post) The other installer (the one that works) is a installer from january 9th 2003. I updated to via setup factory itself, that's the date on the project file. The date on the actual installer is september 19 2002, but I could have swore it was only 4 months ago. I guess that just goes to show you how much time flies at times.

                    Anyways, I will email them & hopefully we can resolve this issue so I do not have to use an installer as an uninstaller (which I already did & is working fine).

                    Lastly, you never answered my question about how to add the uninstaller to the add/remove programs section. Hopefully we can get this thing working the way it is supposed to & I won't need to but it is always good to have a backup plan.


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                      Re: Uninstaller keeps crashing

                      I removed the files from the temp folder & everything else you told me to & the uninstaller works fine now. Thanks for your time & support, it is appreciated.


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                        Re: Uninstaller keeps crashing

                        I'm happy to hear everything is working correctly now. As for the uninstall entries in the Registry, the best thing to do would be to take a look at what is actually created for your install given the Registry location I mentioned previously. There you will see two values, DisplayName which contains your application name as you want it to appear when you go to Add/Remove Programs and UninstallString which is the path to the uninstall program. In our uninstalls, we also pass that program an INI file.

                        Therefore in your case, if you were to manually create this entry but instead wanted to launch some other program, you would use a Modify Registry action to populate both of those values and their data.

                        Hope that answers your question.