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Re: Norton Antivirus alerts on iun6002.exe

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  • Re: Norton Antivirus alerts on iun6002.exe

    Norton antivirus (virus definitions 06-june-2003) reported a backdoor.lolok.b virus in iun6002.exe and deleted that file automatically. This file apparently is the uninstaller belonging to Setup Factory Via Google I found more people reporting the same problem today.

    I'm not a explicit user of Setup Factory. I guess one of my installed applications has been deployed using SF. Could you inform me what is the harm of missing this file? Should I re-install some application? If so, how can I invent which one?

    Thank you,

    Pieter van der Hijden, Sofos Consultancy (, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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    Re: Norton Antivirus alerts on iun6002.exe

    Thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention. We are already aware of this issue and are taking steps to resolve it with Symantec. The important thing to know is that it is a confirmed false-positive and the iun6002.exe file is not a virus.

    To give you some background, the iun6002.exe is the uninstall routine created by our installation creation tool, Setup Factory 6.0 (see for information.) The reason that this file is on your sytsem is that someone used our Setup Factory prouduct to create an install program for their software and you ran it on your system. The iun6002.exe file allows the software to be removed after installation. This file is harmless to your system and does not
    need to be removed. If you have already removed the file, the only side-effect is that one or more products currently installed on your system will not be able to be uninstalled in the usual manner. Other than that, there will not be any noticable effect on your system.

    We have been in contact with Symantec and they have informed us that the best way to resolve this issue is for Norton Antivirus users like yourself to scan the file and then submit it to Symantec through the AntiVirus software as a false-positive.

    If you would like to phone Symantec's technical support department, the number is (800) 927-3991. Their Virus Removal service can be reached at (877) 832-2811. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about this issue.


    Indigo Rose Technical Support
    [email protected]

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software