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  • Order of Icons on Start Menu

    How do I control the order of the icons and entries on the start menu? I've tried to delete the main .exe and re-enter it so that it is the first file in the list, but that doesn't work. For example, I've got 4 items in my folder, but the Uninstall appears in position 3, the Main .exe appears 2nd.

    Thanks, Steve

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    Re: Order of Icons on Start Menu

    The short answer is that the Windows OS puts the ordering preference in the hands of the user, rather than the giving the developer any real (absolute) control. For most people, that means alphabetical listing of shortcuts, but it can mean chronological or a variety of other order schemes.

    The long answer is that you can use the shortcut actions to create icons in the sequence you desire, but there is zero assurance they'll actually stay that way longer than a few seconds. Basically, it's a losing battle against the operating system itself.

    If you're playing the odds, I'd assume alphabetical ordering on Start > Programs > etc for your best bet.