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speedier, less intensive, way to search?

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  • speedier, less intensive, way to search?

    k, i have a 24kb text file, that i dumped into an SF6 variable... then i told sf6 to check each string it is provided, and search within the text dump to see if that string exists...

    well, i believe the 24kb of text is too dense or makes the search too intensive for sf6 to proceed, because it crashes each time... but if i run a search of the text file itself, i imagine that would create slowdown, and i like to avoid harddrive usage when possible

    any suggestions?

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    Re: speedier, less intensive, way to search?

    I have tried to replicate this but I am unable to. Would it be possible to send me a sample text file and your project file, or a list of the actions that you are using? If so please email these to [email protected] with the words "Setup Factory Test" in the subject line.



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      Re: speedier, less intensive, way to search?

      thx for trying to replicate, but i've already settled on the txt file search method...

      if you'd still like to replicate, i'll send you that email... just to give you an idea of how dense this txt was, i used sf6 to index a folder that had around 500-600mb worth of small files (less than 3mb size each i believe), and write that index to the txt file... hehe, it's alot of stuff [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif[/img]