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help me? about '%'

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  • help me? about '%'

    In setup factory the char '%' is used by var
    and I want to write a line include '%' to a file,
    but I failure.
    The line is %PerlPath% %s %s,I want to write d:\perl\bin\perl.exe %s %s .
    Do I can?

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    Re: help me? about '%'

    Could you explain a little further where you are using this text? Are you writing this out to a text file, using it within an action path etc?

    I don't see any potential problems with the string you entered below, so further information about what exactly is happening would help solve your problem. What error are you receiving?


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      Re: help me? about '%'

      %perlpath% is right,but %s %s is not work


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        Re: help me? about '%'

        Again, I'll need to know the exact action you are using, what information you are entering in the fields, and what the result you are experiencing is. I've been able to both write out that string to a Show Message Box action as well as using the Write to Text File action with no troubles.

        Therefore I'll need more detail as to exactly what procedure you are using, what OS you are using may also help.

        Also feel free to email [email protected] with your project file code and they could take a look as well.

        Also make sure you are using the latest build, found under Help->About Setup Factory.