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Buglet in creating Actions

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  • Buglet in creating Actions

    I can reproduce this consistently, but I don't think it was intended in the design ...

    Create an action like this:
    IF something
    assign variable
    END IF

    Continue doing that without closing the window. As soon as your IF ... END IF statements reach the bottom of the window, the next IF statement inserted will position itself before the last END IF and indenting will go wonky. This behaviour will continue so long as you add control structures.

    The only way around this seems to be to close the window, then reopen it. So long as the focus bar remains on the last END IF in the window, the problem will persist.

    Any other solutions?

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    Re: Buglet in creating Actions

    I'm having a little trouble on my end replicating this behavior. So first, I just want to make sure you are using the latest build, You can find full build details under HELP->ABOUT SETUP FACTORY.

    In order to replicate it on my end, I'll need a little more detail in the steps you are taking. However I first want to clarify the intended behavior when adding actions:

    - If focus is on any particular action when adding an action, the new action will be added before the highlighted action. So if it is a control structure which has an indented structure, the new action will be added indented as well.

    - If no action is highlighted when adding a new action, it will be added to the end of the action list.

    Hopefully with this information and any new steps, I will be able to replicate your problem and log a bug report.

    Also what OS are you currently using?