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Check if setup is started first or second time?

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  • Check if setup is started first or second time?


    is ist possible to set a variable which shows if the setup is started for the first time or after the first time? I have to install some components only if the setup is used for the first time. If it is used for the second, third or whatever time these components should not be installed again. My problem with these components is that they are included in a seperate setup which i only execute and which forces a reboot after that which i can't avoid. So after that reboot the user has to start my setup again and then this already executed extra setup sould not be started again. I don't have another solution for this problem so it would be the best if I could set a variable which tells "this setup has already been executed, so don't run this extra setup again".

    Any hints?

    Thank you in advance,