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Setup Factory 7 coming soon?

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  • Setup Factory 7 coming soon?

    Just wondering if version 7 is coming down the pike and if you can now check if a registry value exists (not key, which you can do now). I have to use a convoluted method with regedit to do this now, which is different on different platforms.

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    Re: Setup Factory 7 coming soon?

    We definitely have plans for version 7.0, however there is no release date set for it at this point. It definitely won't be in the immediate future.

    Yes, you can check to see if a Registry "Value" exists. What you would do is the following:

    Create a Read From Registry action.
    Among other settings you will find a field labeled "Default value". If the value cannot be read, this default value will be stored in the variable. You can then go to the ON ERROR tab to set the error notification to "None", so that the error message will be suppressed when it cannot be read.

    However you will receive the same behavior if the Key doesn't exist as well, so I guess the question is if you need to differentiate between the two. You could potentially read the key first, if that exists, try to read the value.

    Anyways, hope that helps.