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old RichEd32 problem?

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  • old RichEd32 problem?

    I have a user reporting that install is quitting to desktop after "initializing setup" screen. Sounds exactly like the old RichEd32.dll issue - but this install was built with SUF 6. Any ideas?


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    Re: old RichEd32 problem?

    No, it won't be the RichEd32.dll problem since we don't use rich text any longer and unfortunately I really don't know of any particular files that may cause it. It may just be that the system in question has some incompatible system file that may be causing the problem.

    However before you go into trying to resolve this person's issue, you may want to look into the simple case. Make sure that the user has the full install file and that it hasn't been corrupted.

    Do you have any conditions in your install that cause the install to abort? How about screen conditions which cause no screens to display? Those are other possibilities.