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  • Uninstall crashes

    with a certain project built by SF6.0.1.2 under W2K SP-4 I experience Uninstall a) crashing right away when started in windows 2000 and b) giving not the slightest reaction when started in win XP. The Install itself works fine on both OS.

    I tried deleting iun6002.exe, clean \Temp, reboot, rebuild - still no chance.
    On a freshly created empty build the uninstall works. So what can be wrong with my project - or elsewhere?

    B.t.w. I am using german and english as languages in the project.

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    Uninstall crashes (addtnl.)

    Did some additional research and found the following:
    There seems to be some relation to the startup actions (143 lines used, lots of variable declarations). If I open a new project, use 1 file to be installed and then import the startup actions I already get the crash effect on uninstall.
    Reducing the amount of startup code at some point stops the crash effect. But this is not consistent: say I removed the last 5 lines => no crash, then readded 4 of these lines => crash, then again removed these 4 lines => still crash!

    Another strange thing: When after receiving the uninstall-crash I start the uninstall a second time, on some occasions it will show me an untitled Yes/No message-box with a questionmark and the text <,"ö> (without <> brackets). Saying YES seems to perform some uninstallation and leaves me with the final uninstall screen (progress bar), but it has no text except for a double-quote, not even in the close button.

    Now I'm tired of searching, please continue the job...


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      Re: Uninstall crashes (addtnl.)

      Could I see your irunin.ini file that is causing the crashes ([email protected])? I have just discovered a bug that has to do with variables and the uninstall. It seems that if a variable has a very large amount of data it can cause some problems on the uninstall. A project file could also be useful.