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VB and type libraries

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  • VB and type libraries

    I have an activex control I wrote that has several type libraries. When I scan my vb project, it finds the controls I use in my program plus my own control but I dont see the type libraries in the list. Do I have to add them manually or do they automatically come along for the ride?

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    Re: VB and type libraries


    I'm not sure whether type libraries are listed in the Visual Basic project or not for the controls it uses. Basically Setup Factory reads in that Visual Basic project listing for what files it needs, so it will depend upon whether they are listed there.

    You may need to add them manually. You can scan a file for dependencies by going to TOOLS->SCAN FILE DEPENDENCIES to determine what it's dependencies are. If the control was created using the standard method, I believe they should be listed that way.

    Some VB developers out there may have some more helpful information for you though.