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  • Run time support and Packages

    I have a setup that can be installed as a single user version (on a workstation) or as a multi-user version (on a server).

    When installed stand-alone, I want to install a bunch of OCX's, VB support and the Jet engine on the workstation. On a server install, I only want to install the core app. files (each user then runs another setup to install and register the OCX's, VB and Jet on their workstation).

    Question is: I can control which files are installed in each case easily via packages. How can I indicate that the Jet and VB run time packages are not to be installed in the server case?

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    Re: Run time support and Packages

    There are 2 options that should help you to accomplish what you want:

    1) Create separate installs for Jet and VB and include these in your Setup. You can easily conditionally install these as packages or through action. I believe that this is your best option. Remember that when you launch a Setup Factory install and you want it to “Wait for Return” you must use the /w command line argument.

    2) You could use the Import feature (file -> Import) to get all of the files/actions that are associated with each of those runtime modules. This way you can control the files/action better and create the packages. This is a good option for most of the runtime modules except Jet as this module is more advanced so the possibility for error is greater.

    I hope that this help solve your problem.