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  • Changing message text

    I use the assign statements to change message texts (like MSG_PROG_EXECUTE_FILE) - In this case to set a more specific message before I call the "execute" (file) action.
    So instead of the message (executing file...) I can have my own message which displays more detailed information...
    This works fine so far but I have difficulties to change the
    Message ID another time for another "executing file" action command.
    This time the message remains unchanged and displays the
    text I assigned the first time. It seems that the assigned
    message is cached somewhere and not reassigned ...?
    Is there another possibility to change Message texts ?

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    Re: Changing message text

    I have just tried this out and it definitely updated the text properly when I re-assigned the ID. Are you using an Assign Value action to re-assign this value? Also make sure that you have the current release ( What happens if you put that variable into a message box after you assign the second value but before the execute action takes place? Also make sure that you are using an execute action and not an open document action as these will have different message IDs.

    You can email your project file (.sf6) to [email protected] and I will take a look at your actions and let you know if you are going about it correctly.


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      Re: Changing message text

      I checked this again in a smaller example and this worked fine.
      Then I tried to make the example a little more complex and created some if-conditions and...
      Now I have some difficulties. Maybe I've done something wrong so I'll send my project file to you! Thanks!